12 Tips For Cleaning The Apartment You Just Moved Into

Moving to a new apartment involves many activities. Cleaning is one of the hectic and difficult task which has to be done while moving to any new space. Cleaning has to done using the adequate equipments and products to ensure that all dirt and other particles are removed from the area. It is important to clean each nook and corner. Routine cleaning will not remove the dirt completely. In order to get a spotless and pristine surrounding it is recommended to take the help of professional move in cleaning service Dubai. They will also remove and clean the hard to reach surfaces and heights. MFW LCC offers excellent building cleaning services in Dubai and move in cleaning service Dubai. We are one of the leading providers of home cleaning services Sharjah.

12 tips for cleaning the apartment you just moved into

Cleaning high places first

Whenever you start cleaning, the high places have to be cleaned first and then the rest of the areas. You have to remove dust from the areas such as ceilings, light fixtures, baseboards, high storage places etc. If you clean high places last the dirt and dust can fly off and fall on different areas of the place creating more nuisances.


Kitchen as you know is the place where cooking and storing of food is done. Cleaning the kitchen therefore is very important. Each place of kitchen should be thoroughly cleaned and waste should be removed before you place anything. Proper disinfection should also be done. The cabinets, sinks and if there are any appliances have to be deeply cleaned.


Bathroom is the place where germs and microorganisms thrive. If not cleaned, it can cause many diseases such as skin infections. It has to be cleaned well and disinfected so that you can use it after removing all the dirt and grime. If required also remove and replace things such as the toilet seat or sinks.


Clean the walls according to the wall materials. Walls are often not cleaned but it can be an area accumulated with things such as dust, stains, fingerprints and son. Hence cleaning walls are essential just like other areas of the apartment.

Other rooms

The different rooms of the apartment such as bedrooms, dining rooms and so on should also be given equal importance while cleaning. Before setting your things such as furniture clean these rooms thoroughly.

Furniture, appliances, curtains, carpets

If the place you are moving to is furnished then you should clean the furnishings too. Special care has to be given to furniture, appliances, upholstery etc so that no damage occurs to them while cleaning. Experienced cleaners providing home cleaning services Sharjah will know how to handle the different objects and materials.


Floors are the final portion of the apartment which you should clean. After cleaning the different areas of the apartment there can be dust and other particles which get accumulated and left on the floors. Floors have to be cleaned according to the type of the floor materials. Professional cleaners involved in building cleaning services in Dubai, will know which product to use and which equipment to use so that no damage is caused while cleaning.

Remove debris and waste

After cleaning without waiting or procrastinating you have to sort, organize and pack the debris and waste materials from the apartment. They should be removed as soon as possible. Along with consuming your space the waste will become a breeding ground of germs and other microorganisms.

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