4 Tips For Getting Your Carpet Cleaned at Home

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Everybody loves a luxury looking carpet on the floor, but once it gets dirty, it seems so disgusting. We understand how difficult it can be to wash the large and heavy carpets at your home, so we provide the best carpet cleaning in Dubai to retain its grandeur longer. But with frequent foot traffic, food spills, pet hair, kid’s play time make the carpets dirty very fast. With some simple tips which you can follow at home to clean or maintain your carpet between scheduled professional carpet cleaning, will ensure to keep them always presentable. So with our professional experience in carpet cleaning in Dubai, MFW cleanings accompanies your carpet cleaning at home.

Fold your sleeves up and let us clean your carpets

The basic foundation of cleaning is well defined by how well it is maintained. The dirt and dust which accumulates frequently over the carpets, damage its fabric. Vacuum your carpets at least twice a week to suck out the dust from them, will make you win half the battle of carpet maintenance. Vacuum both the sides of the carpet rather than only the top which is found to be more effective.

As we are talking about vacuum, the other question that arise is won’t the vacuum pull up the fibres and damage them. Yes there are chances of carpet getting damaged with improper vacuuming. So learn how to vacuum your carpets properly.

Always maintain a single direction when you vacuum

Back and forth vacuum can damage your carpet, so ensure to vacuum in one direction or wall to wall. Also after a row is vacuumed pull away back in the same direction.

Half-filled vacuum is ready to be emptied

Cleaning efficiency of the vacuum might cut down to 50% if it is completely filled. So remember to change half-filled bag.

Vacuum in a slow pace

Rough vacuum damages the fibres of the carpets and also result in less efficiency. Vacuum slowly giving it time to pull up all the dust and dirt.

Just vacuuming your carpet alone cant help. There are some additional simple tips to maintain them properly in between professional carpet cleaning.

Simple ways to maintain your carpets

Remove indents and impression marks- your carpets bearing the weight of all furniture on it, can indent them on the carpet to damage it. So ensure to move the furniture once in a while and rectify the indents by rubbing an ice cube.

Immediate stain cleaning- blot the stains immediately for clean carpets. While blotting, be careful that you don’t spread the stain further into the fibres.

Regular washing- after regular maintenance at home, subject them to professional carpet cleaning at least in 6 months will make them run longer. With your magical hands and our mesmerizing technologies together makes your home always aesthetic. MFW cleaning will be best friend of your home with the best home cleaning services in Dubai. Enjoy clean floors with clean carpets with MFW cleaning.

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